Top 7 Eco-Friendly Cleaning Tools

Cleaning Tools

Everybody today needs a change in how they are cleaning their homes. Although the chemically infused products may offer you the satisfaction of wiping your kitchen countertop clean, you forget to consider the chemicals that you have just applied on the surface. Cleaning products contain several chemicals that can release toxins in the air that are harmful to use and the environment. Similarly, we also need to consider purchasing the plastic cleaning tools that can contribute to the carbon footprint once they are thrown away. You need the right eco-friendly cleaning tools that can be effective in cleaning as well as keeping your environment safe for the future of the planet.

Biodegradable kitchen sponges

These special kitchen sponges are made by Green Ocean Co. that can replace your regular cleaning sponges. They are completely biodegradable as they are made of plant-fiber. These sponges can be an alternative to the plastic cleaning tools you have been using in your kitchen and bathroom.

Organic Waffle Kitchen Towels

Organic Waffle Kitchen Towels

These special towels by Coyuchi are made especially for protecting the environment and providing. They are super-absorbent towels made of pure cotton, which makes then machine washable. The Global Organic Textile Standards have also certified this product for safekeeping our environment.

Plant-based cleaning brush set

These special organic cleaning brushes by Ecozoi are made of coconut fibers and sisal that makes it a hard scrubbing tool for cleaning dishes. They are pretty durable as the coconut fiber can last long even after using the brush for at least a thousand times.

Wool Dryer Balls

If you do not get enough sunlight to dry your clothes and use your laundry for drying them, you can use these dryer balls to speed up the drying time. The balls are made of 100% New Zealand wool, which comes in different colors. Now you can dry your laundry quicker while using less electricity.

Glass cleaning spray bottle

Glass cleaning spray bottle

This reusable spray bottle is made up of glass, which eliminates the use of plastic. This bottle is reusable, which prevents the need for buying plastic spray bottles that will damage the environment once you do not need them. You can use the bottle again and again, and dispose of it safely even if you break it.

Reusable kitchen cloth

The reusable kitchen cloths are made of pure cotton and can be used for cleaning and wiping off the kitchen surface and floors. They can be washed easily to be used again and again. You can even cut them into smaller pieces and use them for different cleaning purposes.

Ring Vegetable brush

This special vegetable brush is made with recycled natural bristles that are great for cleaning the vegetables, cleaning your vegetables when you get them fresh from your garden. It is a decomposable brush, which is your perfect companion for picking fresh vegetables from your garden.