6 Eco-Friendly Tips to Clean Your Home


There are several home cleaning products available on the market today. Most of these products are created in the labs. They can clean and sanitize your home, but they also contain chemical toxins that can be harmful to your living environment. There are plenty of eco-friendly cleaning methods that can help you save the cost of cleaning while also providing fresher air to breathe.

Keep the windows open

Good air circulation at home can improve the air quality of your home. It can reduce humidity and prevent the build of molds as it keeps the air dry. Open your windows often to let the fresh air in and experience the difference in the air quality as soon as you open the windows.

Use baking soda

Baking soda is effective for cleaning stains and remove the bad odor from your carpets and curtains. If you want to remove the bad odor, simply sprinkle baking soda on the stain and let it sit for some time. Then, vacuum cleans the powder from the surface of your carpet along with the bad odor. You can also combine baking soda, vinegar with warm water to create a homemade toilet cleaner.

Use lemon

Lemon works like vinegar to kill the bacteria due to its acidic property. Lemons can be used as antiseptics, which is why they are often used for making cleaning products. Use a slice of lemon to sanitize your kitchen equipment quickly without using any chemicals. You can also use lemon and salt together to use as a cleaner for copper utensils.

Use Borax

Borax can help as a softener when used with your detergent for cleaning your laundry. Scooping some borax with your laundry can soften your clothes and preserve the color of your clothes. It can also be useful as a bathroom scrub, which can restore the shine of the tiles. You can use a teaspoon of borax and mix it with water and vinegar. Fill a spray bottle and use the solution for easy wipes around your kitchen without the need for any chemicals sticking to your countertops.

Replace air fresheners

Replace air fresheners

Instead of using the usual air freshers that may give you a good smell but also bring down the quality of air, you can prepare your own air fresher at home. Boil cinnamon, lemon, any plant of your choice until your entire home is filled with the smell of fresh lemons and herbs. There are many additives in the air fresheners available in stores that will hurt your nostrils after you try out these natural methods.

Have a house plant

Having a plant inside your house is a great way to provide better air to breathe while also controlling the toxins around your environment. A houseplant can be decorative and also helpful in improving your mood. These plants can breathe out fresh oxygen for you even when you do not realize it. They can absorb the humidity and toxins from the air to give you cleaner air.